Diva Brands is taking the automotive industry to a whole New Level!
Changing the auto air freshener business forever.

Laurie Verrelli from Carlashes Canada (What a Girl Wants!) give us some exclusive insider talk!

Q: Laurie, Tell us where you see CarLashes positioned in the near future with your new branding coming into effect?

A: I'd like to see Carlashes everywhere in the near future and simply see people smile whenever they see our products. Carlashes is about confidently embracing everyday and feeling good ! Feeling empowered! And women using Carlashes to make this statement and not shying away from showing their feminine power.

Q: Who is Carlashes made for?

CarLashes represents the free spirited, empowered, attitude-driven woman, and seeks to create a space for them in the auto industry. Women want more. CarLashes are not just for the everyday Volkswagen Bug - CarLashes are a versatile design that has been customized to fit any vehicle's headlights. -From Fiat's to Bentleys.

Ok Laurie! Now tell us more about the carLashes product!

It's the hottest thing to hit the automobile industry in years. In just a short time of going viral on the internet CarLashes is now being sold World Wide. With the unprecedented take-off of CarLashes, we are focusing on spreading the smiles and creating even MORE girly, blingy, out-of-the-box ideas. We have designed products that bring people together; they start conversations, outwardly express parallel interests, and break down social barriers! Our products are designed for the fashion-savvy modern woman.

Q: laurie, We all have the same 24 hours a day yet you seem to cram more into those hours then the average person, what would you say is the quality that allows you do that?

A: I would have to say determination and motivation to get the job done. Whatever I do in my daily life impacts my children and I want to be a great role model for them. The same applies to my Carlashes business. I love Carlashes and I know that every woman will experience great happiness to have a pair on their car. In essence, my Carlashes business is my baby outside of home that I constantly nurture.

Q: Being a woman entrepreneur has changed tremendously in the last decade, can you share some examples as how it has changed for you.

Technology has changed the way business is conducted. It's easier to contact a potential client, via email, Linked in, Social media, rather than just leaving a phone message. The communication tools available today makes it much easier to connect.

Q: The products you sell have a fun twist to them and are a feminine statement on display for all to see, do you believe women should have more fun?

A: Yes, but unfortunately 74% of all women feel misunderstood by automotive marketers. My products bring women closer to the automotive industry and offers products that are designed exclusively for them and this product is designed by a female entrepreneur for all women out there.

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